Setting the Master/Keypad Code

Setting the Master/Keypad Code

Setting the Master/Keypad Code

  1. Open the App
  2. Select the Olarm your would like to set the code for
  3. Tap on the Settings tab
  4. Tap on Device Setup
  5. Tap on the Master/Keypad button
  6. Type in the code
  7. Tap Save
Only the Primary user will have the option of setting the Master/Keypad code, once set the same code will apply to all users on the Olarm

Please note that 1234 will not be accepted for security purposes 

This code required for:

  1. Paradox MG\SP Plus series panels requires the code to be set in order to sign into the panel. 
  2. DSC and IDS panels requires the code in order to Arm, Bypass and Disarm the alarm system.

Trouble shooting:

If the Olarm flashes Green for a prolonged time and goes Red, ensure the panel type and if you have a Paradox Plus Series, follow the above steps to enter the Master/Keypad Code
If your Olarm has gone solid Blue, but you are not able to Bypass, Arm or Disarm, check your Panel type and follow the steps above to ensure the codes match.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact Olarm Support
Phone: +27 21 009 0911 
WhatsApp: +27 60 039 0911 
E & OE. Terms & conditions may apply.
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