Secondary User Management

Secondary User Management

Adding a Secondary User

The Olarm App support 1 Primary user and 47 additional Secondary users.


In order to add secondary users to your Olarm, they will require a Olarm User Account which can be created by tapping on Sign Up in App or by going to

Add a Secondary User by going to the Olarm Settings Page then tap on Olarm Setup

  1. Tap on Users
  2. Tap the Plus (+) icon
  3. Enter the users phone number they used to sign up with
  4. Select the starting date on which access will be granted
  5. Select the end date
  6. Accept the T&Cs and tap Add User


Selecting a date will automatically remove the user from the Olarm on the specified date, if you wish to give them unlimited access, leave this blank.

Removing a Secondary User

To remove a user from your Olarm, go to the Users menu again and tap on the Bin Icon.

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