I'm not getting notifications

I'm not getting notifications

Some phone manufacturers try to optimize battery usage by restricting the permissions of installed Apps.

Below are some common issues picked up, 
  1. The app will not receive Olarm app notifications if the app is open
  2. In the Olarm app, make sure that the Push Notifications is toggled on under Settings
  3. Your phone settings must have Do not disturb turned off
  4. On your phone, enable push notifications for the Olarm app by going to
    1. Settings
    2. Then Apps 
    3. Select the Olarm App
    4. Push Notifications
  5. Some newer Android versions have aggressive battery optimization, make sure to set the Olarm app to not be optimized by checking the following settings.
  6. On your phone, check under
    1. Settings
    2. Then look for Battery Optimization, this setting might be in a different location, depending on the Android Version
    3. Tap on Apps
    4. Select the Olarm app and remove it from the list of optimized apps
  7. Check that data/WiFi can run in the background for this app
If you still have any problems, please feel free to contact Olarm Support
Phone: +27 21 009 0911 
WhatsApp: +27 60 039 0911 
E & OE. Terms & conditions may apply.

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