What is Cancel Responder and how do I set it up?

What is Cancel Responder and how do I set it up?

What is Cancel Responder?

Our Cancel Responder feature allows Olarm App users to cancel any user generated alarms for those unforeseen and accidental circumstances. It further allows them to send a silent help signal, if under any duress and they need immediate assistance from their Armed Response.

Olarm App setup 

The Cancel Responder feature is only available if your Armed Response offers the service.

Only the primary user of a device can set up Cancel Responder:
  1. Open Settings

  2. Tap on Set up Cancel Responder

  3. Choose 1 emoji as your security answer

Command Centre setup

For Cancel Responder to work, it first needs to be setup with your Monitoring Software technical team, and also our Olarm support team. Please contact them at support@olarm.co or call us on +27 21 009 0911

Step 1 - Monitoring Software set-up

1. Contact ID set up.

The Cancel Responder feature in the Olarm App allows the primary user to activate a cancel call-out option to a user-generated alarm. This feature notifies the Control Room that the alarm signal may be ignored and the response cancelled.

To get started, you will need to add the custom Olarm Contact ID to your monitoring software. This is to ensure there is no conflict with any other standard Contact ID’s.

2. Monitoring Software set up.
Note: You may be required to contact your monitoring software provider for assistance.

The below Contact ID needs to be added to your monitoring software:

  • CID Code: E090.

  • CID Description: Olarm Alarm Cancel Responder.

  • CID Priority: Priority 3 (same priority level as an alarm event, i.e., “Zone in Alarm”).

Step 2 - Contact Olarm Support

1. How to enable Cancel Responder.

Once the E090 CID Code has been set up on your monitoring software, you can activate  ‘Cancel Responder’ feature by Enabling it under the settings tab in Command Center.

Step 3 - Update Your Control Room Operating Procedures

Note: This section serves as a reference only.

Depending on your monitoring software and operational requirements, ‘Cancel Responder’ should be adapted to better align with your internal processes.

For example, Listener monitoring software supports automatic ticket closure. Based on your internal process, the Control Room operator can manually call the client to confirm or close the ticket. Alternatively, the CID can be assigned to the client through a comment.

How does Cancel Responder work?

How to use Cancel Responder in the Olarm App

Using Cancel Responder is easy:
  1. When an alarm is triggered for an area, the primary user will get an in-app banner to confirm Cancel Responder.
  2. The primary user has 3 minutes to select an emoji that will decide what signal is sent to Armed Response.
    1. if you select the correct emoji, a cancel alarm signal is sent to your Armed Response which will notify them that they do not need to take any action
    2. if you select the incorrect emoji, a silent duress signal is sent to your Armed Response and they will respond to you
    3. if you do not select an emoji, your Armed Response team responds as per usual
  3. Cancel Responder will be recorded in the App's activity log.

Cancel Responder and secondary users

Secondary users in the Olarm App

  1. The Cancel Responder feature sends alert notifications and activity log events to all users sharing the device.
  2. Secondary users are notified as soon as Cancel Responder is activated but will not have access to choose the action to be taken.
  3. The primary user's decision on cancelling the user generated alarm or sending a silent duress signal will remain private and only be visible to the Armed Response service.

What is the difference between Cancel Responder and Panic?

  1. Silent Panic is a deliberate alert signal sent by any user requiring emergency support without any alarms being triggered.
  2. Cancel Responder on the other hand is only triggered when an alarm has been activated and the primary user will need to decide whether it is a user generated alarm for accidents or send a silent duress to Armed Response for support.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact Olarm Support
Phone: +27 21 009 0911 
WhatsApp: +27 60 039 0911 
E & OE. Terms & conditions may apply.

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